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Migration Summit 2024


Welcome to the Migration Summit! Get ready for our third edition coming on June 24-28, 2024! This year’s summit theme is “Unlocking and Engaging Talent: Pathways for Dignified Work.” 

Join us for a week of virtual and in-person events, curated by a global network of dedicated individuals and organizations working in the field.

Organized by MIT Emerging Talent, Na’amal, and Karam Foundation, our summit brings together diverse perspectives to drive meaningful dialogue and action.

The event ran its first edition in April 2022 exploring the theme of “Education and Workforce Development in Displacement” and a second edition in April 2023 around “Co-Creating Pathways for Learning, Livelihood, and Dignity”.

Seeing the human

Storytelling from refugees, displaced people, and the individuals supporting them.

The plurality of knowing

How do we center local, indigenous and marginalized communities’ knowledge and lived experiences?

Innovation and learning

Creating a culture of creativity, refining and transforming concepts, strategies and practices, and sharing knowledge and experience. How do we increase effectiveness and value generation?

Co-designing education and workforce solutions with refugee and displaced communities

What problems are faced and how can solutions be assessed?

Our Pillars

We look to activate and establish communities of practice to come together to create more inclusive, generative, and sustainable spaces for systemic collaboration. 


The Migration Summit centers the perspectives and experiences of refugees, migrants and displaced persons to co-create prototypes, proposals, and recommendations to advance pathways to learning, livelihood and dignity.

Topic 1

In the opening session, you will hear the Migration Summit Organizers (MIT Refugee Action Hub, Na’amal and Karam Foundation) set the tone for the summit. They will talk about what they hope to achieve in the second Migration Summit and their vision moving forward. Most importantly, they will celebrate all displaced people calling for global solidarity to respect their rights.


Keynote: Omar Alshogre

2024 Goals


Shift mindsets about the positions displaced individuals should occupy in the job market, promoting a more inclusive and diverse perspective.


Spark actions by encouraging individuals, businesses, and organizations to take tangible steps towards creating opportunities for displaced individuals in the workforce.


Develop a resource platform and bank of materials for career training and pathways, providing practical support and guidance for migrants and refugees seeking employment.

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