Voice and Leadership of Young Refugee Communities

Diálogo Intercultural Mexicano (DIME) and the Council of Refugees in Mexico hosted an in-person event in Aguascalientes, Mexico, in which young refugee students from Colombia, Syria and Venezuela were able to share their stories and experiences in Mexico with the local community.



The topics that students talked about included discrimination they have faced in Mexico (xenophobia, anti-black racism, anti-muslim sentiments), the support they have been given in their universities, cultural shocks (including students who come from other Latin American countries who mentioned how different Mexican food can be from food of their own homelands and the struggles of getting used to the Mexican variation of the Spanish language), the feelings of loneliness they feel as most live far from their families, and their satisfaction with the quality of the education they are receiving in Mexico.

The young refugee students also got to ask questions to the audience, and some of the people in attendance mentioned that they were also foreigners or that they had to leave other States of Mexico and flee to Aguascalientes due to the violence that still affects certain parts of the country. Several audience members expressed a willingness to get to know the students better on a more personal level after the event and to be able to build long-lasting relationships with them.

The event was a success with 25 members of the local community in attendance, the students enjoyed the experience and were grateful for the opportunity to talk about their stories, and connections were made between them and the local community.


José Andrés Madriz Villaroel

Yulian Ivan Banguero Torres

Fausto Alejandro John

Silva Namo

Ared Garcia

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